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Picture: Magnetic stone fragments separated from brewery grain.

"Our company is committed to quality. When we required less magnetic stone fragments in our grain, we needed more gauss than can currently be obtained with a rare earth magnetic drum. We found a solution that exceeded our expectations by installing a MAGNATTACK™ self cleaning magnetic separator. With the 10,000 gauss magnets, a great deal more magnetic stone and magnetic rock dust is extracted. We are very impressed with this installation and the high level of expertise and service from the manufacturer, MAGNATTACK™ Global. Highly recommended quality."

Major Brewery – Hobart Tasmania

Self Cleaning Magnets

MAGNATTACK™ Global has developed a 10,000 gauss self cleaning grate magnet designed for continuous extraction of metal fragments from dry product such as grain and powders. This is a major advancement on drum magnets in which a maximum of approx 5,000 gauss can be achieved. MAGNATTACK™ Global has provided Self-cleaning magnet systems to many major food processing facilities and provides magnetic separation equipment solutions to the industry world wide. 

The 10,000 gauss self cleaning grate magnet is configured to clean automatically at intervals depending on the volume of metal being collected on the grate magnet. This can be set up using computerised internal control systems of the company or factory in which it is installed. The self cleaning design allows for continuous separation of metal with no need for operators to clean the grate magnet. Special facilities are incorporated into the self cleaning magnet, which compensate and minimise abrasive wear and loss of magnetic strength over time. USA Patented and patents pending.

Internationally HACCP endorsed to conform with food safety requirments, the design has undergone strenuous testing in harsh grain environments and returned very positive results with components lasting very well in the self cleaning design and construction of the magnet.

Also, in 2009, MAGNATTACK™ Global manufactured a large self cleaning grate magnet for a major grain terminal in Port Adelaide in which up to 800 tonnes per hour of canola seed is being filtered through the self cleaning grate magnet. This has achieved excellent separation results including the removal of magnetic dust and stone fragments. MAGNATTACK™ Global has the ability to provide self cleaning magnet systems for very small, low flow applications through to applications involving large areas and tonnage flow rates.

Manually cleaned grate magnets are no longer needed in many applications following the development of a self cleaning grate magnet that finally works and doesn’t jam up with badly designed sleeve and slide type cleaning mechanisms. This new development in self cleaning grate magnets is easily fitted into existing magnet locations both on very small to very large applications. For expert advice MAGNATTACK™ Global should be contacted for detailed information regarding self cleaning grate magnet systems and self cleaning magnets of any type for use in the food industry and pharmaceutical industry.

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