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magnetic separation probe

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Magnetic Separation Probes & Bars

MAGNATTACK™ Global manufactures a range of high intensity separation magnet bars or probes of +10,000 gauss for extraction of magnetic metal fragments from product in chutes and products coming off conveyor discharges, pipelines or outlets. This type of magnetic separation method is often used where flow and product viscosity is difficult to treat magnetically otherwise and can be optimised in an installation at right angles to the flow of product so as to split the flow of the product over the high strength bar magnet. The Range of MAGNATTACK™ high intensity separation bars or probe magnets are manufactured by MAGNATTACK™ Global in a range of diameters which normally depend on the nature of the individual application requiring magnetic protection.

This high grade, HACCP endorsed magnetic separation bar magnet can be used for product protection against metal fragment issues and product complaints and can also be used to protect pumps, homogenisers and highly sensitive expensive equipment such as extruders, dicers or mills against damage caused by entry of magnetic metal fragments. The MAGNATTACK™ probe type bar magnets can be configured with BSM milk fittings, triclover fittings, BSP fittings or whatever is specially requested otherwise by the user.
Currently using MAGNATTACK™  high intensity separation magnet  bars or magnetic probes internationally are major dairy and cheese processing facilities, ice cream manufacturing, pie manufacturing , pet food manufacturing, brine, vegetable processing, sauce and soup manufacturing, food paste manufacturing, confectionery and biscuit and fruit juice and slurry manufacturers.

The range of MAGNATTACK™ bar magnets are very simple to clean and can be installed as a permanent fixture or swing away design for easier cleaning. MAGNATTACK™ Global have also installed some of the larger diameter bar magnets in bearing blocks which enables very simple cleaning of the magnet bar. High intensity separation bar magnets are an excellent option across the trajectory of products at the end of conveyor transfers as they cannot block and offer excellent magnetic separation efficiency where installed correctly.
The range of probe magnets are also available in a variety of diameters depending on the nature of the individual application requiring magnetic protection and can be easily removed from the product stream for simple cleaning.

With over 40 years of magnetic separation experience, MAGNATTACK™ Global welcomes customer enquiries and offers assistance and advice for all such needs.

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