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Magnetic Mats

Metal Fragment Transfer Control Solution - To minimize transfer of shavings and metal fragments from workshops or site work areas!

MAGNATTACK™ Global's powerful magnetic mat is designed to increase metal fragment transfer control and increase food safety by controlling ferrous metal fragments being walked into sensitive food, beverage and meat production areas. The magnetic mat design is often used at the entry into production areas from workshops, outdoor areas and construction zones on site. The MAGNATTACK™ magnetic mat comes with certified strength and international food safety endorsements. The anti-Soiling mat system is easily installed, easily maintained and easily cleaned. The magnetics collected on the mat can be easily collected and analyzed by QA departments.

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Available to the food, beverage, meat and pharmaceutical industry world-wide.

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Case Study

In recent times MAGNATTACK™ Global, via a distributor, has provided magnetic mat solutions to a major poultry processing company for 2 of its plants in the Brisbane Australia area, along with supply to major dairy, biscuit and cereals processing companies in Australia.

Here is what they are saying.

"it's a very effective tool. We collect the metal off it and analyze the quantities collected each week. Great for keeping track of metal coming in" and "it works well, easy to clean and maintain – great food safety initiative"
And... "its really a great GMP tool. Not only does it provide greater protection from metal shavings and the like coming into our production area but we are seen as taking really good initiative - our Auditors loved them!"

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